Council Agenda 9-14-2020

The North Little Rock City Council scheduled for Monday, September 14, 2020, will be conducted electronically.
The Mayor, City Clerk, City Attorney will be in the City Council chambers during the meeting and City Council Members will participate in the meeting via ZOOM.

Because of the current COVID-19 crisis, and in accordance with Act 2 of 2020 passed by the Arkansas General Assembly on April 16, 2020, the City Council chambers will not be opened to the public, but the public may attend the meeting using electronic means. This meeting, as with all City Council meetings, is available for viewing on the internet at, on the City of North Little Rock’s website, and on local access television. 

Applicants on zoning related issues will need to call into the meeting to be available to answer any questions City Council members may have related to your application.  Please call 501-500-0955 and enter the meeting ID: 149 511 1456 between 5:30 p.m. and 5:55 p.m. When prompted for the participant ID, press # or wait.  A staff member will get your name.  You will then be muted and participate in the meeting by listening until your application is called.  If there are any questions about your application, you will be unmuted and given the opportunity to speak.

Any persons who wish to speak on any agenda items, during any scheduled public hearings, or during public comment may do so by either:

(1) Emailing the North Little Rock City Clerk’s office at, by 4:00 p.m. prior to the meeting. Emails sent to the City Clerk will be read at the meeting.

(2) Or, call 501-500-0955 between 5:15 p.m. and 5:45 p.m.  Enter the meeting ID: 149 511 1456.  When prompted for the participant ID, press # or wait.  A staff member will get your name, address, telephone number and the item you wish to speak on, if applicable. You will then be muted and participate in the meeting by listening until the item you signed up to speak on is called, or until the public comment portion of the meeting.  At that time, you will be unmuted and given the opportunity to speak.


 “The City of North Little Rock welcomes people of diverse cultures and beliefs. Any religious viewpoint expressed during invocation, or at any other time during the meeting, reflects only the personal opinion of the speaker. It is not intended to proselytize, advance, or disparage any religious belief.



ADOBE PDF PACK 9-14-2020

1.  Anita Paul, Mayor’s Office memorandum re: Retail Beer Off Premises – NEW, for Williams Grocery, 2324 E. Broadway, by Lakisha Williams.

2.  Ember Strange, Finance Director/Chair Energy Risk Management Committee, memorandum to City Clerk Diane Whitbey re: Power Cost Adjustment rate (PCA) for September, 2020 (.0019/kwh) negative.

3.  Anita Paul, Mayor's Office memorandum re: New Retail Beer Off Premises, Retail Liquor - Replacement/New Owner, for Inter City Liquor, 4010 Pike Avenue, by Gerry Issioffia.

R-20-137 Mayor Smith
Approving and certifying amounts of liens to be filed with the Pulaski County Tax Collector against properties as a result of grass cutting expenses and abatement of other nuisances

Margaret Powell – Director of Government Relations – 2020 Census.




None filed.

R-20-129    Mayor Smith
Expressing the willingness of the City of North Little Rock to utilize Federal Aid Transportation Program funds related to the Central Arkansas Regional Transportation Study Area Surface Transportation Program (STP) and Highway Infrastructure Program (HIP) for the County Club, White Oak Crossing, and Counts Massie Road Roundabout Project; appropriating funds

R-20-130    Mayor Smith
Authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into an Agreement with the Arkansas Department of Transportation to donate property for the Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 widening and reconstruction project

R-20-131    Mayor Smith
Accepting the bid of and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to execute an Agreement with Gene Summers Construction, Inc. for the North Little Rock River Trail Erosion Stabilization Project, in the amount of $55,115.00; appropriating funds

R-20-132    Council Members Robinson and Taylor
Accepting the bid of and authorizing the Mayor and City Clerk to enter into a Contract with Gene Summers Construction, Inc. for 9th Street Improvements – from G Street to I Street, in the amount of $322,470.00

R-20-133    Mayor Smith
Appropriating Funds for Crystal Hill Road Improvements in the amount of $140,677.50

R-20-134    Mayor Smith
Authorizing the Purchase of Vehicle Equipment for the North Little Rock Police Department; appropriating funds (amount - $47,312.49)

R-20-135    Mayor Smith
Amending Resolution No. 8791 (2020 Budget) to provide funds for the North Little Rock Heritage Center Permanent Exhibit; appropriating funds ($150,000.00)

R-20-136    Mayor Smith
Certifying the amount of a Clean Up Lien to be filed with the Pulaski County Tax Collector against property located at 6605 Windhill Drive (amount - $6,335.47)
________________________________________Convene a public hearing

O-20-78      Mayor Smith
Amending the 2020 Quota Ordinance (No. 9197) for the North Little Rock Finance Department and the North Little Rock Vehicle Maintenance Department

O-20-79      Mayor Smith
Amending Ordinance No. 9274, which accepted the annexation of certain territory to the City of North Little Rock, approved the schedule of services to be extended to said area, and assigned said territory to Ward 2

O-20-80      Mayor Smith
Waiving formal bidding requirements and authorizing payment to JCon, Inc. for the replacement of a Stormwater Pipe at 7th Street, extending from Orange Street to Maple Street (amount- $98,711.50)

O-20-81      Mayor Smith
Authorizing the Issuance of a General Revenue Promissory Note (Burns Park Golf Course Equipment Project), Series 2020; providing for the payment of the Principal of and Interest on the Note ($233,750.00)

O-20-82      Council Member Baxter
Rezoning property located at 7718 MacArthur Drive from C-3 to C-4 Zoning Classification, by amending Ordinance No. 9263; Granting a Conditional Use to allow a Contractor’s Office with Outdoor Storage (applicant: Foundation Repair of AR)

O-20-83      Council Member Robinson
Granting a Waiver of Section 14.14 of Ordinance No. 7697 to allow a Roofsign in a C-6 Mixed Use Commercial District for property located at 418 E. Broadway (applicant: David Hamilton, Seiz Sign Company)
________________________________________Convene a public hearing

O-20-84      Council Member Taylor
Granting a Conditional Use to allow a Car Lot in a C-4 zone for property located at 2001 E. Broadway Street (applicant: Eric James and Pierre Grimes)
All persons wishing to speak must have completed a public comment card and return it to the City Clerk before this meeting is convened; speakers have 3 minutes to address their topic

Respectfully submitted,
Diane Whitbey, CAMC / MMC
City Clerk and Treasurer   

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