Road Construction and Traffic Updates

Road Construction and Traffic Updates
Posted on 02/22/2023

I30 I430 I40  Hwy 67/167
March 24
March 15
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March 24


Interstate 30 Construction Requires Lane Closures in
Little Rock and North Little Rock

PULASKI COUNTY | March 24, 2023

Work on Interstate 30 in Little Rock and North Little Rock involves weekly lane closures.

Weather permitting, the following travel impacts are expected to occur beginning Monday, March 27. Double-lane closures on interstate lanes will generally be limited to 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Traffic will be controlled by construction barrels and signage. Drivers should exercise caution when approaching and traveling through all work zones.

Daytime closures (8 a.m. – 5 p.m.)

  • Riverfront Drive westbound (single-lane closure) between Pine and Cypress streets in North Little Rock

Overnight closures (8 p.m. – 5 a.m.)

  • I-30 (single and double-lane closures and traffic shifts) between Roosevelt Road in Little Rock and I-40 in North Little Rock
  • I-630 eastbound ramp to I-30 eastbound (full closure) in Little Rock; ramp detour signed to exit to northbound frontage road
  • I-30/I-40 lanes and ramps (single-lane closures) at the north terminal in North Little Rock
  • I-30 frontage roads (single-lane closure) between 6th and 10th Streets in Little Rock

 24-hour Closures

  • McGowan Street (full closure) between the on-ramp to I-30 westbound and Pulaski County Lane in Little Rock; the on-ramp to I-30 westbound is reduced to one lane; detours will be signed
  • I-30 frontage road southbound (full closure) between 4th and 6th streets in Little Rock; detours will be signed


I-430 Bridge Managed Lane Now Operational

LITTLE ROCK | March 14, 2023

The Managed Lane system, also known as a “part-time shoulder,” on the Interstate 430 Arkansas River Bridge is now operational. 

Drivers crossing the I-430 Bridge over the Arkansas River between Little Rock and North Little Rock will now see electronic message boards over the outside Managed Lane in each direction showing either a red X or a green arrow, indicating whether the lane is open or closed.

The default function of the Managed Lane is to act as a shoulder. Most of the time, the lane will be closed to traffic (showing a red X) and used as a shoulder in case of emergencies.

During peak travel times, such as morning and afternoon rush hours, the Managed Lane will open (showing a green arrow) as a fourth lane of traffic to ease congestion. In the event that an accident or any instance that would require the use of a shoulder occurs while the lane is open, the lane will be closed and traffic will be required to merge out of it.

The electronic message boards showing the current status of the lane are stationed in advance of the entrance to the I-430 Bridge so drivers will have ample time to merge in or out of the lane before they reach the bridge.

The Managed Lane will be monitored by real people 24/7 at ARDOT’s Traffic Management Center. Lane status will not be automated.

The Managed Lane system offers the benefit of both an extra lane of traffic and a shoulder without having to widen the roadway. The Managed Lane system is a cost-effective alternative to building an entirely new bridge and a more immediate solution to traffic congestion.

Routine Bridge Inspection to cause Temporary Lane Closure on I-430

PULASKI COUNTY | March 14, 2023

Crews will close the northbound outside lane on Interstate 430 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, March 15 to conduct a bridge inspection.

The lane closure will occur at the I-430 northbound to I-630 eastbound interchange ramp flyover, also known as the Big Rock Interchange, in Little Rock.



No updates

Traffic will be controlled by construction barrels and signage. Drivers should exercise caution when approaching and traveling through all highway work zones. Additional travel information can be found at or You can also follow us on Twitter @IDriveArkansas for traffic and @myARDOT for everything else.

Hwy 67/167 - Jacksonville

Construction Requires Overnight Lane Closures
on Highway 67 in Jacksonville


PULASKI COUNTY | March 23, 2023

The construction project to widen Highway 67 to six lanes between Main Street and Vandenberg Boulevard in Jacksonville will require periodic nighttime lane closures over the next few months.

Weather permitting, crews will alternately close Highway 67 northbound and southbound outside lanes between Main Street and Vandenberg Boulevard to patch existing pavement. Single lanes will be closed overnight, as needed, from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. beginning Sunday, March 26 through Friday, June 30. One lane of traffic will be open in each direction during the work.

Traffic will be controlled with construction barrels and signage. The public is advised to be cautious when traveling in the work zone and watch for slower traffic speeds. Areas adjacent to the Interstate may experience noise impacts during nighttime hours.  

This project (Job CA0604) is part of ARDOT’s Connecting Arkansas Program and includes widening 2.5 miles of Highway 67 to six lanes, between Main Street (Exit 9) and Vandenberg Boulevard (Exit 11) in Jacksonville. The project also includes improvements at the James Street interchange (Exit 10A), the Gregory Street Interchange (Exit 10B), the Vandenberg Boulevard interchange (Exit 11), and conversion of the frontage roads from two-way to one-way. More information on this $145.2 million project is available at